Free Webinar


Monday, 4th April, 2022

7:00pm – 7:30pm

3 Benefits From This Webinar

Understand the Science of Wellbeing

What is Positive Psychology and why does it matter to schools? Why are character strengths significant?

Learn how to have a sustained wellbeing culture

Learn why wellbeing is more than a program and dedicated lessons.

Understand How to Build Wellbeing Literacy

Learn how to have a shared language with staff, students and families that builds wellbeing and collaboration.

About the Presenter

Director and Founder of Growing Strong Minds BA(Psych), MSc(Psych), BTeach(Primary), Registered Psychologist 

Nicole is a registered psychologist, former primary school teacher and founder of Growing Strong Minds. Nicole is passionate about combining her two careers to promote wellbeing and resilience for children. Scientific evidence, that is positive psychology, indicates that this is best achieved through knowing and utilising one’s character strengths, in particular the VIA character strengths.

Nicole’s goal is to create flourishing early childhood and primary school communities where all members are equipped with evidence based tools to assist them navigate life’s ups and downs. ​

Nicole is a member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology (MISCP), and the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA). Additionally she’s an Associate of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), and a signatory to the International Positive Education network (iPEN).

Growing Strong Minds team member Nicole


Peter Halloran, Principal,
Burringbar Public School

Strong Minds has the potential to not just change a school, but a whole community. Strengths have so many applications, we have integrated them into everything we do.

Jenny Bashinsky, Deputy Principal,
Denistone East Public School

Nicole has always delivered highly professional staff professional learning, parent workshops, quality program content as well as providing student centered and parent/family friendly resources. She provides ongoing support and advice for the model that we have adopted across K-6.

Kate Pinn, Teacher,
Carroll Public School

This is a fantastic, evidence based, whole school, practical approach to teaching Character Strengths. Research shows that the need for such programs is increasing at an exponential rate. Growing Strong Minds is well worth the time and investment.