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GRATITUDE JOURNAL Adults & Kids 10yrs +


  • Three Gratitude Journals are available for different age groups:
    • 5-7 year olds (students in Kindergarten – Year 1)
    • 8-10 year olds (students in Years 2 – 4)
    • Adults and children over 10 years (Years 5 and above)
  • Each Gratitude Journal contains:
    • A rationale as to the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal based on the science of Positive Psychology
    • Instructions for obtaining the most benefit from journaling
    • A one year supply of pages to both write and draw ones gratitude
    • References for further information.
  • Please note that the cover of these journals is on recycled board so any imperfections represent the organic nature of this product.

Australian Shipping: $8.50 (max 2 journals), $13.80 ( 3-10 journals)
International Shipping: $12.00 (max 6 journals)
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  • This fun journal will help you focus on all the things that inspire gratitude in you.
  •  Practising gratitude has a positive impact on your psychological, social and physical health as it counteracts the ‘Negativity Bias’.
  • Teaching your children gratitude not only helps them build resilience but fosters a community of kindness.
  • It is recommended that all students and staff in schools practise this Positive Psychology Intervention. Or alternativley you could adopt this as a weekly family routine.


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