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Twenty-five A4 instructional posters representing Peterson and Seligman’s (2004) empirically validated character strengths.

Character strengths are the distinctive qualities that are the best in us. They reflect what is important to us, what we value.

These posters are custom made to appeal to primary school age children. They depict fun, colourful, multicultural illustrations and simple to read ‘I statement’ descriptions.

These posters can be used in the classroom, foyer or at assemblies. A class or school may choose to focus on a specific strength for a week or term.

Research into character indicates that when we know and apply our specific character strengths our wellbeing and life satisfaction improves. Peterson and Seligman (2004) developed The VIA Classification of Character Strengths and Virtues. This was the result of three years of study involving fifty-five scientists. It concluded that there were twenty-four character strengths that were valued across cultures, religions, gender, and race.

Four sets of these character strength posters are provided with the Strong Minds Package.