The Science of Kindness

Kind Facts:

1. Would you be kinder if you knew that kindness and compassion improved your physical health? Research indicates that this is the case. In fact kindness can impact your physical health as much as smoking can!

2. Even small gestures of kindness improve your daily satisfaction with life.

3. Kindness is biological and helped us to survive. 

4. A range of kindness activities boost happiness – kindness to yourself, strangers, those close to you, or just observing others kindness (Rowland, 2018).

Kindness Activities

Recording your number of daily kindness deeds in a week increases subjective wellbeing (Otake, Shimai, Tanaka-Matsumi & Otsui, 2006). Give it a try using our template below. Leave a note of kindness for someone else, using our kindness cards below.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Purchase a Gratitude Journal for a loved one. We offer 3 gratitude journals for all ages from 5 years to adults. They include instructions for how to journal most effectively and room to write or draw what you are grateful for.
Research into the character strength gratitude demonstrates that it increases optimism, immunity to stress, improves sleep and strengthens relationships. In terms of staff wellbeing, gratitude diary intervention are associated with a reduction in teacher burnout (Chan, 2011) and are more effective if shared with a partner (Lambert, 2013).

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Warmest wishes for a safe and healthy holiday break.

Nicole and the team at Growing Strong Minds