Strong Minds Expert

Fostering wellbeing and resilience in primary schools

Strong Minds Expert  – $4500

Strong Minds Expert
Strong Minds Expert
Strong Minds Expert


Strong Minds Expert includes:

  • 2 x teachers attendance at 5 hour NESA approved Strong Minds Expert workshop
  • 2 hour NESA approved professional development for staff conducted by the Strong Minds Expert
  • 2 x Strength Based Parenting Videos for parents
  • A comprehensive digital manual encompassing background information regarding the theoretical basis for the package, activities to embed wellbeing across the whole school community, 56 lessons across K-6 with specified Australian & NSW PDHPE curriculum outcomes, and two scope and sequences for flexibility of delivery.
  • Extensive Resources: character strength posters, cards and charts tailored to each stage of learning
  • Lifetime Membership for staff and parents with supporting resources
  • Support for Strong Minds Experts during implementation



Strong Minds Expert utilises empirically supported Positive Psychology strategies that enhance wellbeing and learning. The primary focus of this is on Peterson and Seligman’s (2004) 24 character strengths. These are categorised under six virtues: Wisdom, Courage, Kindness, Community, Self-Control and Meaning.

This approach targets whole school communities to foster a culture of resilience.


The package specifically aims to assist students, teachers and parents to identify and grow their own strengths, in addition to recognising and appreciating strengths in others. This builds relationships, self-esteem, and a positive environment, fostering inclusivity and resilience.


Strong Minds Expert includes the following resources:

  • A comprehensive digital manual
  • 4 x 24 character strength instructional poster sets
  • 4 x sets of 30 character strength stage specific charts
  • All staff receive an A2 Character Strength Poster
  • A Staff Character Strength Tree
  • 4 x 24 strength cards


The lessons consist of the following character strengths:

  • Early Stage One: Creativity, Bravery, Love, Fairness, Self-Regulation and Gratitude
  • Stage One: Curiosity, Energy, Kindness, Fairness, Forgiveness and Humour.
  • Stage Two: Love of Learning, Perseverance, Social Intelligence, Teamwork, Humility, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, and Spirituality.
  • Stage Three: Open-Mindedness, Wisdom, Authenticity, Kindness, Leadership, Prudence and Hope.

The Strong Minds lessons are implemented with the students and teacher sitting in a circle, and include a combination of pair-share, whole class, and individual exercises. Lessons are flexible in their implementation. They can be delivered as an eight week program once a week, or across the school year focusing on specific virtues – two scope and sequences are provided.


The package includes:

  • 1 day Strong Minds Ambassador training for 2 teachers. In this engaging and interactive workshop staff will learn about:

– The three primary theories of positive psychology which underpin intrinsic motivation, positive emotions, creativity and goal achievement

– Seligman’s (2011) PERMA-H theory of wellbeing

– Strong Minds Character Strength Workshop and resources

– Implementation of Strong Minds, including developing a bespoke staff character strength wellbeing plan

  • 2 hour NESA approved staff professional development conducted by the Strong Minds Expert. Staff will learn how to identify, develop and spot character strengths in themselves, colleagues and students.  Ideally this should be offered to all staff (i.e., teachers, non-teaching staff, cleaners etc) to ensure the culture of wellbeing permeates the whole school community. The training is compulsory for all classroom teachers, as they will be facilitating the character strength lessons, and need to have experienced implementing these strengths themselves before teaching them.


Two Strength Based Parenting videos are provided with supporting resources.  This teaches parents and carers about a Strength-Based Approach, including how they can utilise the strength language in the home.

Strong Minds Year 2  – $2800

Strong Minds Expert
Strong Minds Expert
Strong Minds Expert

Strong Minds can be purchased as a stand alone package.

However there is also the option for Strong Minds schools to purchase further resources in the following year.

This includes:

  • A NESA Approved 3 hour Staff Workshop – Exploring Character Strengths. This consists of:
    • Individual and pair activities to enhance staff wellbeing
    • Character strength stations – activities for your staffroom or classroom
    • A PERMA-H whole team silent conversation based on Appreciative Inquiry

Premium Membership  – coming soon

We are developing an exciting new Annual Membership, stay tuned for further information.